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What is Atrianium Studios?

Atrianium Studios is a group of programmers, artists and musicians who create minigames, and bigger projects. We like it.

Who are the members?

These guys take part in creating games - Kestus, member; Sufi2425, member; Mine1204, member; Valentin, member; Casher, member.

There isn't a leader, we do everything as a Team.

We also have helpers - Aoraz; gilastomper; teodorattt; DM;

What games have you made?

So far we've made Octagon (finished), and we're working on Stardust Invaders and other projects.


I'm going to tell you what the progress of all our games is and what they are all about.

Octagon (2016)

I made Octagon in early 2016 with my old team, the Oligon Team, which was later renamed to the Octagon Team. It was extremely small, but it became a decent game. The latest version is Release V1.0.0, I released it without the promised 60+ changes. I don't think I will release any updates afterwards.

In Octagon, you play as a yellow square, named Bob, or Robert, from the species called "Slimeys", don't mistake it with smileys. You are supposed to reach that little red square in the bottom left corner, we called it "Target", and when you do that, you get 1 point. Well... Nothing else happens in Classic Mode, A.k.a Normal Mode. The currency of this game is the Star, you can collect stars anywhere ( but the shop doesn't work :( ). The other gamemodes are Challenge Mode, Race Mode and Run Away.

In Challenge Mode, the background/ground is different, there is a moving enemy (It's not Artificially Intelligent), a small box around the "Target", and Health. By default you have 5 health, and if you lose it, you know what happens: You lose everything - your Score, Money and Hits. Hits? Yes, you can shoot bullets to kill your enemies, but you need 20 score to do that.

In Race Mode, obviously, you Race with someone. With Who? A second person, of course. You can race with your friend in this mode, the first player who gets 20 score wins. There aren't any obstacles and enemies. However, they will probably make the gamemode more challenging. It's probably the best gamemode in the game.

In Run Away, you play as Bob again, but you can move only vertically - upwards and downwards. You are supposed to dodge your enemies in this mode, and the score you get there won't be added to your score in the actual game. (The score you've got from the other gamemodes)

Stardust Invaders (2016)

Stardust Invaders isn't as old as Octagon - It was made in Mid December 2016. Atrianium Studios is working with me on it this time. This is my first game which is using some sort of Animations. There are always a lot of new features when I update the game. The latest version is Pre-Alpha v0.0.5.

In Stardust Invaders, you play as a Starship, or Spaceship, and you are supposed to save the Milky Way from the Invaders (They're coming from a galaxy called Stardust). That's right - Stardust Invaders is a 2D Space Shooter, it's somewhat entertaining. By default you have 10 health.

You could give it a try

Blocky (2016)

Blocky is Mine1204's game, a team member, just like me. It's a platformer made in Construct 2, in late 2016. The latest version is pre-Alpha 0.0.4. There are a few levels where you should go downwards and defeat the boss. Each level has got a different design.

Unfortunately, he stopped working on it. He's working on another game, called "Project OpnWorld".

Castle of Aegis (2017)

Castle of Aegis is a TD game made by Kestus. It's one of our newest projects, so a screenshot and a detailed description can't be provided.